General Information


               The proposal of the Rectorate of Kafkas University on the establishment of a vocational school in the Sarıkamış District of Kars was examined at the General Assembly meeting held on 25/08/2005 and the proposal was approved in accordance with Article 7 / d-2 of the Law no. . The proposal of the Rectorate of Kafkas University on the commissioning of Sarıkamış Vocational School and accepting students from the 2007-2008 academic year was examined at the Higher Education General Assembly meeting dated 13/04/2007 and the Law no. / h in the 2007-2008 academic year.

       Within the School, Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services Department Tourism and Hotel Management Program normal education, Property Protection and Security Department Private Security and Protection Program normal education and evening education, Occupational Health and Safety Program normal education, Management and Organization Department Logistics Program normal education, Education and training continues in the normal education and evening education of the Local Administrations Program, normal and secondary education in the Child Development and Child Services Program of the Department of Child Care and Youth Services.


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