Our panel called Karsta Turizm was held on April 15, 2019 with the 201 Her Yönü 201 (Regarding Tourism Week).

The panel on ült Every aspect of Tourism in Kars İl was held on Monday, 15th of April with the cooperation of Kars Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism and Kafkas University Sarıkamış Tourism Faculty.
The opening speech of the panel started with the reading of the National Anthem and the Dean of Sarıkamış Tourism Faculty. Dr. Ömür DEVECİ made it. Deveci, by emphasizing the social and economic contribution of tourism to our country, ended his speech by giving information about the benefits Kars will receive from tourism and what should be done in the name of tourism in Kars.
Then Hakan DOĞANAY, the Director of Provincial Culture and Tourism, made speeches about the potential of faith tourism in the province of Kars. Another panelist, Kars Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Ertuğrul ALİBEYOĞLU, emphasized the importance of what Kars tourism has to offer to commercial enterprises and what needs to be done. Dr. Faculty member Ayhan YARDİMİCEL, gave information about the archaeological structures in Kars, the last speaker of the panel. Faculty Member Tuncay ÇANAKÇI presented the tourism potential and tourism statistics of Kars.


In the last part of the panel, questions and answers were answered and the questions of the audience were answered. Finally, attendance documents and plaques were presented to the panelists.




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