k+ 1st Internatıonal Caucasıan Folk Culture Congress


Kars region that has a multicultural structure is one of the most important regions of Caucasia where various tribes, languages and cultures have been blended and survived as a melting pot of civilizations down the ages. Kars province, the roots of which date back to Urartians from Bronz Age and extend over Seljuq and the Ottoman Empire from Rome-Byzantine Empire, came in possession of a center that has brought Caucasia and Anatolia together over the years.
In addition to traditionally sustaining the affluent folklore (culture), Kars became a central district of folklore examples of Iranian Turks, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Anatolian Region. The folk literature existing in Kars is concentric with musical culture, traditional minstrel art, classical music, folk song and common culture of Caucaus Folks. That they are explored together and the culture and common values are found out, looms large at learning modern period folk culture and the history of Caucaus Civilization.
We would be honored and delighted by your presence between 9-11th October 2017 at the Ist. International Caucasian Folk Culture Congress, main theme of which is research and investigation of acculturation of Caucasian Region, organized by Traditional Minstrel Art and Minstrelsy Research And Application Center.
Prof. Dr. Rafig İMRANİ




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