Department of Biology (MSc and PhD)- Hydrobiology

- General Biology

- Botany

- Zoology

 Course Names-Codes and Credits


Department of Physics (MSc and PhD)

- Solid State Physics

- High Energy and Plasma Physics

- Atomic and Molecular Physics

 Corse Names-Code and Credits 


Department of Chemistry (MSc and PhD)

 - Physical Chemistry

- Analytical chemistry

- Organic chemistry

- Inorganic Chemistry

- Biochemistry

 Course Names-Codes and Credits


Department of Mathematics (MSc and PhD)

- Theory of Analysis and Functions

- Applied Mathematics

- Algebra and Number Theory

- Topology


 Course Names-Codes and Credits


Mathematics and Science Education Department (MSc)

- Science

 Course Names-Codes and Credits 

 - Health Education


Department of Bioengineering (MSc)

- Bioengineering

  Course Names-Codes and Credits



Mechanics Engineering (MSc) (Partner with Atatürk University)

 - Thermodynamics

- Mechanical

- Manufacturing and Construction

- Energy

 Course Names-Codes and Credits 


Department of Interdisciplinary Occupational Health and Safety (MSc)

- Occupational Health and Safety (with thesis)

 Course Names-Codes and Credits




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