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Department of English Language and Literature

Students who qualify for a four-year undergraduate education in the English Language and Literature program, where the medium of instruction is English, must be successful in the English proficiency exam prepared by the School of Foreign Languages ​​of our University. In the first year of undergraduate education, emphasis is placed on English language education. In the first year of their education, students learn such skills as “Reading and Writing”, “Literary Terms”, “Introduction to English Literature”, English Phonetics and Speaking Skills. They take basic courses. In their second year, students get acquainted with the literary genres and periods of English Literature such as “British Drama” (English Theatre), “History of English Language”, “Research Methods” (Research Techniques) and make relevant researches in this direction. In the fourth and fourth grades, they are encouraged to gain a critical perspective on literature and are encouraged to share their thoughts, comments and observations on the texts given to them in the lessons.In addition, there is a wide range of elective courses that students can choose according to their interests. It is foreseen that they will prepare a graduation paper as a special study.In summary, a curriculum including popular culture, linguistics, poetry, women’s literature, comparative literature, modern literature, colonization and post-colonial studies is implemented in the department.After four years of education Through the interdisciplinary perspective provided by literary studies, students not only learn to look at texts critically, but also develop skills for a wide variety of careers. In-class discussions, term papers prepared by the students and in-class studies are as important as the information given by the lecturers.

For graduates of the English Language and Literature program, in various public institutions (TRT, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of National Education, etc.), publishing houses, magazines, literature and culture magazines, newspapers, film studios and international organizations, There are job opportunities in institutions and projects. By improving their translation skills, graduates can work as translators and interpreters in fields with unique terminology such as medicine, architecture, economy, archeology, automotive and law. They can also work in the tourism industry. They can teach in public and private institutions by obtaining a formation certificate. Graduates of the program can continue their careers at the Master’s and Doctorate levels and continue their scientific studies in the field under the roof of the university.
Mission and Vision
Vision The vision of the English Language and Literature program is to be a department that operates at an international level, equipped, and leaves a mark on the future. In addition, our vision is to train contemporary philologists who are equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to serve in every field of English Philology, who have internalized ethical values, are aware of the realities of the world, and have adopted the importance of lifelong learning. Designed for a total of 8 semesters in 4 years, the Undergraduate Program aims to provide students with advanced language skills, literary concepts, literary history, theories of literature and criticism, basic knowledge of the field of culture, and professional competence in the fields of language, literature, criticism and cultural studies. Our mission is to both achieve high academic success and raise multi-faceted individuals who are well versed in English Language and Literature and western culture with a contemporary understanding of education.
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