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Dr. Deniz TANIR


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Assoc. Prof. Levent GELİBOLU
Assoc Prof. Elnur Hasan MİKAİL
Assoc. Prof. Deniz ÖZYAKIŞIR
Dr. Adem ÇELİK


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 Kafkas University Journal of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences (KAUJEAS) began publication in 2010. The journal, which is in the status of a “refereed journal”, is published at least twice a year, usually in June and December.

Articles sent to the journal must not have been published elsewhere, or have not been sent for publication. If the articles are accepted to be published, KAUJEAS has all publishing rights of them. In case of quoting from published articles, it is obligatory to cite the source. The right to republish all the published material is subject to the permission of the journal.

The writing languages of KAUJEAS are Turkish and English. Articles in all fields in Economics, Business, Political Science, Public Administration, Econometrics, Labor Economics and Industrial Relations, Finance and International Relations can be published in our journal. Works whose abstract were published previously or which were presented in national and international congresses or symposiums can be sent with specifying their background.

            Our journal has a referee and advisory group consisting of faculty members from various universities. The articles sent to the editorial board are reviewed by two referees who are experts in the referee and consultant group after a pre assessment by us. If necessary (when one of the referees has negative opinion and the other has positive one), the articles passed the evaluation of the third referee and approved at least two of them are accepted into the publication. Articles sent to our journal are not returned at all.

            The evaluation process of the articles takes a maximum of three months. Articles approved by two judges are published both in print and on the web page of the magazine during the relevant publication period. The works requested to be published in our journal must be prepared in accordance with the “Guidelines for Authors” and sent to the e-mail address kafkasiibfdergi@gmail.com for evaluation.

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